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What's New at Fiji Kava

We live in a world that is fast paced, with levels of tension higher than ever before. At Fiji Kava, it is our belief that the world is a happier place when we take moments of calm. Which is why we want to keep you up to speed with everything that's new at Fiji Kava, as we bring Fijiness to the world!

Our First Brand Campaign

Welcome to Fijiness

Our Branded Video explains our purpose, which is to share the secret elixir of Fiji’s relaxed way of life with the world (being the Happiest Nation on Earth). Solving what many people the world over require (natural plant-based solutions to stay calm and soothe the nerves) in this era of worry and tension.

Animations | Therapeutic benefits of our Noble Kava

Calms & Soothes the Mind

Support Muscle Relaxation

Natural Sleep Solution

Relax The Mind

Fiji Kava’s Scientific Advisor

Professor Jerome Sarris

With over 20 years of experience in the natural products and plant medicines field, having led many plant-medicine clinical trials (in particular studying kava), Professor Sarris is the leading authority in Australia and New Zealand on kava and various natural medicines, and has recently been appointed as Fiji Kava’s Scientific Advisor.

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Unveiling A World First!

Commercial Kava Tissue Culture Laboratory

In September 2019, we commissioned the World’s first kava tissue culture laboratory in Levuka, Ovalau Fiji, with the aim to ensure Fiji produces world-class, disease-free, high quality kava to meet the growing demand for kava from international markets.

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Find Relief Today!

The medicinal benefits of kava are widely recognised as a safer, natural alternative to help treat anxiety and other medical conditions, over prescription medicines such as Xanax and Valium.

Our kava possesses specific % levels of kavalactones that we have scientifically researched and clinically trialled as desirable to actively target anxiety, stress, insomnia and weary muscles.

As well as being TGA and FDA compliant and listed as a complementary medicine in Australia, kava is also sold as a dietary supplement in most other international markets.

I have wonderful sleep, since receiving my Fiji Kava, I also wake up refreshed & revived. Definitely recommended to my clients. Thanks Fiji Kava.

Aylashay's Alternative Health
Teacher, Alternative Therapist

Fiji Kava has helped me through injury times, and recovery. Its natural and I dont lose clarity after having it which is important.

Slater Thompson
Hubboards - Professional Wave Rider

We love them, they do make a difference & we believe many people will benefit. They are very gentle with no yucky after taste. Highly recommended.

Melbourne Kids Review
Parents, Carers, Mums & Dads Review Blog


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