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Fiji Kava’s purpose is to bring our world-famous, Fijian calm and happiness to the world (as a capsule, powder or shot) so more people can free the mind, body and spirit in this era of anxiety.

Our Uniqueness

1. Spanning 111-acres in Ovalau Fiji, lies our Nucleus Farm. This is where our very own Noble Kava is planted and nurtured in rich organic soils. With a 100% water extraction method – from the world’s purest Fijian water – and traditional drying techniques prior to oven drying, our product to stands as one with consistent premium quality.


2. At Fiji Kava, through our plant technology and scientific research, we have identified specific varieties of Noble Kava grown in Fiji from the current 200 known varieties across the South Pacific. We have selected purely Noble Kava possessing a secret level (%) of kavalactones – our breakthrough, active ingredient – in the root of the plant. These kavalactone and chemotype profiles enable our products to target stress, anxiety, insomnia and muscles.

3. Over 13 years of investigation and research into plant technology with Kava plantlets, cultivars and tissue cultures of the mother plants have allowed us to find the perfect balance in kavalactones and chemotype profiles. These profiles – which specifically target anxiety, insomnia and muscle relaxation –  have been cloned, ensuring a consistent result and product.


4. Our Nucleus Farm contains a state-of-the-art ‘Farm Digitalisation’ dashboard. This technology enables us to harness critical data readings from our farms soils, such as nutrient or moisture levels. The data, which is shown as a live-feed in our control centre 24/7, allows for an instant remedy to be provided for any readings which are outside their specified tolerances.


6.  No artificial chemicals or contaminants are added to our stringent 100% water extraction method. We value the quality of our Kava, which we believe to be the ‘root of all good’ in this world. Therefore, a higher wastage in the production process occurs, which minimizes our profits. To our knowledge, no other company goes to this effort to deliver a quality and pure product.


7. We have a vertically integrated and traceable supply chain. Our kava is planted, processed and packed by us, 100% Farm to Shelf, within Fiji. Guaranteed. This is why today, Fiji Kava is revered as supplying the world’s most trusted kava. And why, as a publicly listed Australian company, we are the first and only foreign company approved by the Fiji Government to operate in the kava industry.

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The medicinal benefits of kava are widely recognised as a safer, natural alternative to help treat anxiety and other medical conditions, over prescription medicines such as Xanax and Valium.

Our kava possesses specific % levels of kavalactones that we have scientifically researched and clinically trialled as desirable to actively target anxiety, stress, insomnia and weary muscles.

As well as being TGA and FDA compliant and listed as a complementary medicine in Australia, kava is also sold as a dietary supplement in most other international markets.

I have wonderful sleep, since receiving my Fiji Kava, I also wake up refreshed & revived. Definitely recommended to my clients. Thanks Fiji Kava.

Aylashay's Alternative Health
Teacher, Alternative Therapist

Fiji Kava has helped me through injury times, and recovery. Its natural and I dont lose clarity after having it which is important.

Slater Thompson
Hubboards - Professional Wave Rider

We love them, they do make a difference & we believe many people will benefit. They are very gentle with no yucky after taste. Highly recommended.

Melbourne Kids Review
Parents, Carers, Mums & Dads Review Blog


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